Our Products

Fresh Coconut has been used as a staple ingredient of most Asian communities for centuries.
We export whole Coconut (Tender and Mature) and semi-husked and fully husked.

We also export some of the by-products like Tody, Neera, Gur, Coconut palm Candy, Sugar, Vinegar etc.

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Tender Coconut

Villukattu Coconuts is a leading exporter and supplier of Tender Coconut for the global market with the best quality which meets international standards. The company holds the potential of supplying these in huge quantities due to its holding on the widespread farms which are located in Tamil Nadu. It exports the product from India in its original form without chemical processing, so the product retains its original taste.

Villukattu Coconuts Images
Husked & Semi-Husked Coconuts

We provide semi-husked and fully husked coconuts from naturally grown coconut trees. Our Fresh Organic coconuts are packaged with special attention. Our fresh coconuts are widely used in the food and beverage industries.